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Lack of correlation between the level of the players and the level of the areas

Description: We need to slide the content that exists to be better suited for a much larger level span. What this means is taking old areas and tweaking them to be interesting to players bigger than the ~40 levels they were intended for. There are not enough areas for big players.

Solution 1: Procedurally generating content is one approach. I’m close to having it working. The idea is that I can generate a massive area very quickly without repeating descs/content like the Desert or something. Talk to me about it some time, there are a lot of cool ideas waiting to be done there.

Solution 2: Iolai's builder system - I.e. a more MUSH-like way for an account between being a player and a wizard. Basic room/desc creation tools that are used to build a basic area. A wizard would come on after and add “fancy bits”

Solution 3: Editing old areas to be for bigger players. I.e. stuff like remodeling the GP Tower, other old areas. — Paradox 2010/04/04 02:51

—Sounds like solutions 2 and 3 could work well together. I'd be interesting in tweaking old areas in my spare time. Solution 1 sounds cool but way over my head. — luther 2010/04/06 19:54

—I've always been in favour of a 'Builder'-system. I think there are lots of people out there that enjoy Dunemud and would like to contribute, but don't have the time, the drive or talent (or ..) to learn how to code. If tools would be available to build areas without having to know a single bit of LPC, these players - often with a good knowledge of the dune universe and great ideas for areas - could also contribute to the mud instead of just consuming the game. Pair such a builder to a wizard to tweak monsters and rooms here and there to add just that special extra touch that you can't get out of the builder tools and the area's created in this way could easily be of a greater quality than existing ingame area's. — temujin 2010/04/26 06:46

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