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We are in the process of going through old guild code and bringing it up to modern standards. Throughout the years, there have been many ambitious guild projects that have brought many fun features to the mud. Unfortunately, many of these features use a lot of unnecessary resources. We have, in the past few years, learned how to make leaner, more efficient code and we have been spending much of our time implementing this type of code.

Additionally, it's no secret that when many of the guilds were created, the mud had a max level which was much lower than today (49 or 100). Many of the guilds were created with these lower max levels in mind. As people increase in level, it's become apparent that many of the guilds give invulnerability or near-invulnerability. During our optimizations, we are also going through attack and defense formulas and making sure there are diminishing returns built into them.


Bene Gesserit will be getting a revamp in the near future and this is an ongoing project. The code in this guild is pretty old, and even though there have been some optimizations done, we want to make a more cohesive set of systems that give this guild a real identity.

This will be the first guild to utilize our current design direction of no GUILD LEVEL or GEXP. The aim with this revamp is to make the abilities and requirements based on player level and stats. Why? Because most of the issues that current guilds have, in terms of balance and exploits, are directly related to guilds have separate GUILD LEVELS and GEXP.


There is currently work being done on a new IMG subguild: The Ixian Technician. This subguild is designed to be our first “mage-like” guild, where the emphasis is on powerful active abilities as opposed to weapon combat.

This is a project we are taking our time with and there have already been some revamps to it to ensure a good player experience and remove some of the ungainly aspects of the systems.

This subguild will also follow our design philosophy of no GLVL or GEXP. Instead, it will revolve around the use of Shards, which can be improved over time.


We are currently going through the vast combat code and making adjustments to how combat works on a fundamental level. This includes non-guild defense, damage formulas and how different weapons behave during combat.

This project has been implemented into the game. The next step is tying in guild code and general tuning of the guilds. This is a d100 system that uses the attack table.

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