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Funny Logs

Found yourself laughing hysterically at you and your guildmates? Post a log here!

Flint / Snowman

[fremen] Snowman : hey, Flint, Darkstar just forbid me the occasional orgy
                      with you again
[fremen] Flint hmms.
[fremen] Darkstar nogs.
[fremen] Darkstar : MINE
[fremen] Darkstar holds Snowman in her arms.
[fremen] Flint goes 'Damnation!'.
[fremen] Darkstar : besides flint has roxy
[fremen] Darkstar : the tfluf :P
[fremen] Snowman : basically, that also covers: no after dark smooching on the
                      wind trap.... no quickies behind the curtain at the spice request
[fremen] Darkstar gasps in astonishment.
[fremen] Darkstar taps her foot impatiently.
[fremen] Senexis hmmmmmmms.
[fremen] Snowman : but we won't tell her about our little secret sandworm
                      hole, where...
[fremen] Snowman : oh wait
[fremen] Snowman : she's on the channel again
[fremen] Darkstar : aha!
[fremen] Snowman : where uh
[fremen] Snowman : where
[fremen] Snowman : where we collect sandworm doodles to
[fremen] Darkstar gives Snowman a REAL kiss, it seems to last forever.
[fremen] Snowman : uhh
[fremen] Snowman : *poke flint* help me here damnit
[fremen] Senexis chuckles politely.
[fremen] Flint stares longingly at Snowman, fondles himself, fondles himself,
                      fondles himself, smiles happily, sits down on a nearby rock and rests
                      for a while and wipes his brow saying : Phew!
[fremen] Flint : better?
[fremen] Darkstar eeks.
[fremen] Snowman : that's not exactly what I had in mind
[fremen] Flint looks blank and says 'oh'.

CimBay Fun!

Your trader emits : Anarchy has placed Metaglass Body Protector (metaglass) for bid at 75000 solaris.
Your trader chimes : <Anarchy> unblock me from tells elrond
Your trader chimmers : <Elrond> anarchy what is that armour
Your trader chimmers : <Anarchy> type armour
Your trader chimes : Elrond has bid 75001 for Metaglass Body Protector (small).
Your trader chimmers : <Twist lafs at Elrond>
Your trader chimes : <Twist> It's rather easy to get.
Anarchy tells you: SHHHHH
Elrond tells you: really
Anarchy tells you: focker
You send a ball of flames in the sky spelling : *A*n*a*r*c*h*y* *t*e*l*l*s* *y*o*u*:* *f*o*c*k*e*r*

Liberal Europeans?

Tuukka sends a ball of flames in the sky spelling : *k*a*u*t*t*a* *a*n*a*a*l*i*p*e*n*e*t*r*a*a*t*i*o*n*!*
[15:42] Twist goes 'What the fuck?!?'.
[15:43] Gorgos : You don't wanna know, twist...
[15:43] Guido : LOOK LOOK!
[15:43] Desolation  chants 'tuukka tuukka tuukka tuukka' and dances
[15:43] Twist : I got the idea...  Even in another language.
[15:43] Tuukka lafs and gives Twist a high five.
[15:43] Gorgos ruffles Twist's hair.


[chat] Pic : clutch how much do you know of philosoraptory?
[chat] Clutch : Philosophical velociraptors?
[chat] Pic : no, just philosophy
[chat] Paradox : He faps, therefore he is?
[chat] Clutch agrees.
[chat] Pic : I just call it philosoraptory, cause it seems like I'm prey
[chat] Clutch : only to big butts though
[chat] Clutch : on tiny people
[chat] Pic : hrm, so you only exist if black girls exist?
[chat] Pic : or midgets...
[chat] Barabas : we knew about the midgets already
[chat] Clutch : hrm, black midgets, might have to explore that
[chat] Tsubodai : You know, I just Kant seem to get into philosophy myself.
[chat] Pic agrees.
[chat] Tsubodai snickers.
[chat] Pic peers at Tsubodai.
[chat] Pic : that was a horrible pun
[chat] Pic : well done
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