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 +====== Bene Gesserit Sisterhood ======
 +The Sisterhood is dedicated to the advancement of humanity by any means necessary. By being selected as a Acolyte you have the opportunity to become far more than you once were. The regimen of a Sister is strict and unyielding, but the rewards are great.
 +===== Becoming an Acolyte =====
 +To join the ranks of the Sisterhood as an Acolyte go to Wallach, venture 4w, then '​enter'​ the Headquarters.
 +===== Beginning your training =====
 +  * Read the [[guilds:​bg:​tips|Getting Started]] manual for useful information.
 +  * Study the [[guilds:​bg:​ghelp]] documents and commit them to memory.
 +  * Kill lots of mobs and grow strong.
 +===== Advanced Training =====
 +Advanced knowledge of the Gesserit Order is available only to those who have proven themselves worthy. Ask a Mother Superior or Proctor Superior in game.
 +===== PK =====
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