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Bene Gesserit Sisterhood

The Sisterhood is dedicated to the advancement of humanity by any means necessary. By being selected as a Acolyte you have the opportunity to become far more than you once were. The regimen of a Sister is strict and unyielding, but the rewards are great.

Becoming an Acolyte

To join the ranks of the Sisterhood as an Acolyte go to Wallach, venture 4w, then 'enter' the Headquarters.

Beginning your training

  • Read the Getting Started manual for useful information.
  • Study the ghelp documents and commit them to memory.
  • Kill lots of mobs and grow strong.

Advanced Training

Advanced knowledge of the Gesserit Order is available only to those who have proven themselves worthy. Ask a Mother Superior or Proctor Superior in game.


root@dune:/home/dune/old/home/web/public_html/data/pages/guilds/bg# cat tips.txt

Getting Started

Important First Commands

  • mind - the BG guild channel, use this to talk to other members of the guild.
  • stats - to see your guilds stats
  • ghelp - the index of the ghelp file
  • ghelp ACOLYTE and ghelp bgadvice - Good starting points
  • redirect 100 0 0 - sets you to full endurance regeneration (see below) to maximize counterstrikes
  • bindu rate 1000 - to optimize your healing
  • priority 5 - to keep a reserve of endurance

Your guild information

To see your guild information type 'stats'

================================[ STATS ]================================
Sister Parasocks
Lvl: 1   Glvl: 1
Plvl: 1   Blvl: 1   Mlvl: 1
Current Gexp:           3
Next Gexp:           1200
Needed Gexp:         1197
Spice tolerance level: 0.0005
Spice/Blood level:     0.0000
Endurance: 12/12   Resilience: 0/12   Consciousness: 12/12
Bindu Rate: 0
Bindu Min: 0
Eregen: 2 (40%) Rregen: 1 (20%) Cregen: 2 (40%)
Current gexp:        3  Next glvl:     1200  Gexp since login:        0
Current mexp:        0  Next mlvl:      800
Current bexp:        0  Next blvl:      800
Current pexp:        0  Next plvl:      800

These are:

  1. Lvl - Your player level
  2. Glvl - Your guild level
  3. P/B/Mlvl - You Prana, Bindu, and Manipulation levels.
  4. Current Gexp - Available gexp
  5. Needed Gexp - Cost of next glvl
  6. Spice - Unimportant until much higher glvls
  7. Endurance, Resilience, Consciousness <current/max> - Used for gskills
  8. Bindu Rate - Hp healed per round
  9. Bindu min - Consciousness amount past which bindu will not drain
  10. Eregen, Rregen, Cregen <points> (% of all points) - rate at which endurance, resilience, and consciousness are being regenerated
  11. m/b/pexp - leftovers from a previous guild system, will always be 0
  12. next b/m/plvl - cost (in gexp) of the next P/M/Blvl


All BG gskills use endurance, resilience, or consciousness. To see your current/maximum levels of these type 'stats'.

To regenerate them you need to distribute regen points via 'redirect end% res% cnc%' command. To see your current regen distribution type 'regen'
i.e. 'redirect 50 30 20' would place 50% of your total regen points in endurance, 30% in resilience, and 20% in concentration.

   Endurance        at 1 points per round.
   Resilience       at 0 points per round.
   Consciousness    at 1 points per round.

Regen points are earned by increasing your stats, specifically wis, con, and qui.

Since counterstrikes (the primary source of beginning gexp) use endurance it is recommended to have at least 50% of your regen in endurance.


Counterstrikes occur automatically in combat and use a small amount of endurance per counterstrike. To avoid counterstrikes depleting your entire endurance supply, and hence making other gskills unavailable, use the 'priority <amount>' command.

The number and power of your counterstrikes is affected by many factors, including: the counterstrike, prana-bindu, weirdingway, and blitz gskills, your prana level, your guild level, and the strength of your opponent.


As you improve your bindu level you will gain access to many healing techniques. At the beginning, however, all you have access to is the innate healing ability of your body. BG automatically heal an amount of hp every combat round. To set the amount type 'bindu rate <rate>'. Although you may type any rate you wish the actual amount healed is capped at your bindu level. Bindu healing uses a small amount of concentration. You can keep bindu from draining all of your consciousness by using the 'bindu min <amount>' command.

Gexp and Guild Levels

Every guild skill (active or passive, combat or noncombat) gives some amount of guild experience (gexp). You use this gexp to improve your gskills and guild levels.
The cost for improving gskills can be seen with the 'train' command in the training room (2w of main room)

The cost for improving guild levels can be seen with 'stats' or 'gexp'

Guild skills

To see the guild skills available to you type 'gskills'. To see gskills you will earn in the future type: 'ghelp prana' 'ghelp bindu' 'ghelp manipulation' and 'ghelp glevel'

Gskills can be trained up to 100% in the room 2w of the main guild room. Gskills cost gexp and solaris to improve.

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