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BGW Newbie Guide

Beginning Commands

  1. 'war' - the guild communication channel
  2. 'gsc' - your guild score card
  3. 'ghelp' - in-game guild helpfile index
  4. 'wskills' - your current guild skills
  5. 'powerup' - to wield your new blade and wear your new uniform
  6. 'gwho' - to see who else is online.

How BGW Works

We have two combat modes: warrior and mentat.

  • Warrior is primarily for offensive attacks and has low defense but high damage potential.
  • Mentat is primarily defensive and will allow you to withstand almost any assault.

Each form has different costs and associated skills. Knowing which mode to use is a large part of a BGW's power.
See the linked ghelp files for more information.

After every battle won you will shout a victory cry and receive glory points and training points.

  • Training points are used to improve your guild skills and upgrade your guild blade.
  • Glory points are used to increase your Glory level, i.e. your guild level.

You can view all currently available guild skills with the 'ghelp classed' command. To optimize your glory gains it is best to use as many skills as possible for the mode you are in.

You have two guild items: your uniform and your blade

  • Your uniform will give you stats bonuses when worn and is upgraded automatically at certain guild levels.
  • Your blade is your most important tool and should be wielded at all times. It is a 2-handed type weapon until guild level 100 when it becomes a long-blade type. You may see your current blade's statistics with the 'blade' command. Blades are upgraded w n from the main guild room.

Guild Structure
The BGW is lead by the Supreme Bashar (the Guild Master) and the Bashars (the Guild Enforcers).
Current Supreme Bashars are Psy and Draelon; current Bashars are Luther, Drill, Extasy, Rawlin, and Kuryiaki.
In the BGW you have a rank, indicated by your pretitle or as seen on 'gwho'. Ranks are assigned based on glvl and a Bashar or Supreme Bashar must promote you. New ranks often accompany new uniform grades. Ranks are purely a recognition of your growth, and have no tangible benefits in combat.
You are also assigned to a specific Division within the BGW. Division assignments can be changed by 'change'ing at the main guild room. Divisions are for fun only and have no combat benefits.

Your Guild Info


To view your guild information type 'gsc'

|<<<<<<<<<<<<<=[Warrior Guild Score Card]=>>>>>>>>>>>>>|
Glory Level:                100
Glory Points:               11530159
Next Glory Level:           244840
Pride Level:                47
Foresight Level:            41
Training Points:            2932
You are fully able to eat.
Intensifying Counters: 1
You are not eligible to change Divisions.
  1. Glory level - your guild level (glvl)
  2. Glory points - your current guild experience (gexp)
  3. Next Glory level - gexp need to glvl
  4. Pride level - effectiveness of warrior mode, improved by combat, versatility, and glvls
  5. Foresight level - effectiveness of mentat mode, improved by defense, versatility, and glvls
  6. Training points - (tps) needed for training gskills and improving your blade, earned with victory
  7. You are fully able to eat - you can use guild foods
  8. Intensifying Counters - points you can spend in permanent stat improvements
  9. Divisions - Basically subguilds. Currently there are two: Armoured and Recon.


To see the current levels and costs of your trainable guild skills type 'wskills'

|<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<=[Trainable Guild Skills]=>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>|
   Skill     Diff  Exp Cost  Sol Cost Point Cost  Level  Max
Healing          2       7550      1510      1       25    125
Prana            4      90300     18060      5       150   150
Victory          1       3800       760      1       25     25
Mastery          3      56500     11300      5       125   125
Combat           4     135450     27090     10       225   225
Versatility      5     376000     75200      1       500   500
Defense          4     135450     27090     10       225   225
Armour           5     376000     27090     10       500   500

Exp:          690843
Money:        106406 (Bank: 167162)
TP:           294630
|<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<=[Trainable Guild Skills]=>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>|
  • Diff is the difficulty of the skill, it determines how fast costs increase as you continue training.
  • Exp is the cost in experience to train 1 level of a skill
  • Sol is the cost in solaris (money) to train 1 level of a skill.
  • Point Cost is the cost in training points (tps) to train 1 level of a skill.
  • level is your current skill level.
  • max is the maximum trainable level.


To see your current blade stats type 'blade'

(====================Warrior Blade====================)-
Blade Level: 6 
skills: Two Handed Weapon  - 408%
        Long blade weapons - 668%
  • You can upgrade your blade w,n from the main guild room. This gives you more bonuses when wielding your Warrior Blade.


Luther's advice

  1. Work on training your victory (to 25) and healing (to ~30) gskills first.
  2. Use the combat gskill pommel as much as possible in combat.
  3. Increase your levels and stats as exp allows.
  4. Kill in the Basin area (e, drink from basin) on Tleilax until they're too small for you.
  5. Check 'ghelp classed' often for new gskills as you advance.
  6. Move on to killing in GP Tower. Train prana (to >50) and mastery
  7. Once you have maxed all four of these gskills you should have a good idea of what BGW is all about.

Cens' view how to start in BGW

— Have the 10,000 xp and 10,000 solaris from the beginning with you:

  1. Train victory to 5.
  2. Train healing to 5.
  3. Use rest of the experience for First Aid, get a atreides to gtrain you in it.
  4. Now, bind constantly, victory after a MOB - you should get glevels very quickly with bind.

Cens 2010/04/04 20:29

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