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 +====== Bene Gesserit Warriors ======
 +If you are reading this then you are quickly becoming far more awesome than you were only one minute ago. 
 +How is this possible? you ask.
 +Simple. Bene Gesserit Warriors (hereafter '​BGW'​) are so completely awesome (cit:​[[main|this article]]) that even reading about them, nay even reading their name, will bestow some surplus awesomeness on you. 
 +===== How to Enlist =====
 +So you want to take it a step further and actually join up?\\
 +Proceed to Chapterhouse Astroport ([[help:​space|help space]]) and venture one room west and you will find the entrance to the BGW Headquarters.\\
 +Once inside type '​**join**'​ and confirm with '​**yes**'​.\\
 +===== Starting Your Training =====
 +Your life has only but begun! There are several tasks you should accomplish first:\\
 +  - Familiarize yourself with the [[ghelp]] files.
 +  - If no higher-ranking BGW is online ask on [newbie] or [chat] if someone has a BGW alt that can help you get started.
 +  - Read the [[bgwnewbie|Getting started]] guide here on the wiki.
 +  - Become awesome (required).
 +===== Continuing Your Training =====
 +Most of your knowledge beyond basic training will be gained in the game. Ask a high-ranking BGW for advice.
 +===== Player Killing =====
 +Mentat+Litany+Block+Restoratives=Win(( '​win'​ meaning not dying))
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