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Implants are various, upgradable modules which can be incorporated into your IMG exoskeleton. You only have room for a specific number of implants, although this number increases with AM levels.

Available implants are as follows

  1. Muscle Replacement: Makes you stronger!
  2. Dermal Plating: Improves your exoskeletal armor.
  3. Autorepair: Repair damage to your exoskeleton and other implants.
  4. Nano Factory: Creates nano-bots from material.
  5. Thermographic Optics: See in the dark!
  6. Enhanced Reflexes: Makes you blindingly fast.
  7. Polymathematics Chip: AI upgrade!
  8. Auxiliary Batteries: Stores power.
  9. ICTS Controller: Traverse the ICTS at will.
  10. Laser Guidance: Improves aim with missiles and your weapon.
  11. Solar Panels: Absorb power from the sun.
  12. Limb Grafting: Replaces lost limbs.
  13. T-Drive: Travel in Time?!

Implants may be purchased, upgraded, de-/activated, and repaired in the main Guild rooms. Implants typically cost solaris, nano-bots, and gexp (subtracted from your total!) to purchase or upgrade. Many have AM/glvl requirements.

View your current implants status with implants.

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