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Combat Forms

There are four major forms of fighting:



These are the central tenets of those who master the Flurry form of combat. Flurry form seeks to overwhelm opponents with sheer speed and power, giving them little ability to fight back.

Flurry is steadily offensive, regardless of how an opponent reacts. Flurry is very good at killing opponents as quickly as possible and is the best form when it comes to generating experience.

The Flurry Combat Form derives its effectiveness from Sabda, Prana-Bindu, and Power training; as well as the training of individual combination moves.

New members are advised to start with the Flurry form. See also: Flurry, combo


Resheph form specializes in drawing opponents into foolishly attacking with their best moves and then striking them in anticipation. Given the defensive nature of this form, it's often better to fight multiple enemies at once to get the most damage output as possible.

Resheph form can attack multiple opponents at once as well and is considered heavily defensive.

The Resheph Combat Form derives its effectiveness from Prana-Bindu, Reflexes, and Power training; as well as the training of individual defensive moves.

See also: Resheph


Relaxed form is mainly used for regen purposes, and really has very limited offensive and defensive characteristics.

Using the fundamentals of relaxation and meditation training, the Honored Matre can deal with opponents a relaxed manner, conserving energy and healing herself. This form is neither considered to be defensive or offensive, but it provides the fastest recovery times, and fatigues/stresses the least.

The Relaxed Combat form derives its effectiveness from Relaxation, Focus, Meditation, and Condito-Mentis training.

See also: Relaxed


Katahzirui is a form that is achieved after much training and improvement. This form maintains a balance between the intensity of the Flurry form and the reactive nature of the Resheph form.

Katahzirui is especially good at overcoming enemy defenses. The more their enemies defend against attacks, the more the Honored Matre will overwhelm them.

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