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Guild Experience

Guild experience (gexp), much like regular experience, is spent to advance guild skills. You gain guild experience by fighting and killing mobs and using various gskills.
The rate at which gexp is gained depends on several factors:

  • Your (MUD) level - You gain more gexp for being higher level.
  • Your combat form - Your level of proficiency in your form highly impacts the gexp you earn. Also, certain forms (i.e. Resheph) earn more gexp, in general, than others.
  • Your opponent - Fighting weaklings earns little gexp. Fighting more than one opponent will grant more gexp.
  • Other skills - Any guild skill which improves combat performance will, to some degree, improve gexp gain.

As of this writing, fighting several large opponents at once in Resheph form will optimize gexp gain.

Tracking Gexp

Syntax: 'gexp mark'
Begins tracking gexp gains. Afterward, 'gexp' will display the amount of gexp and exp you have earned since that time.

 GEXP Gained :      60362 
 EXP  Gained :     320496

If you are proficient with your MUD client, it is recommended to have a script which calculates gexp per combat-round.

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