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The Honored Matres are highly driven by their temper and emotions. As an enemy attacks and inflicts damage, the Matre will become progressively more angered and her intensity will increase.
At around 70% of your max intensity, you will enter an intense state which will improve your fighting dramatically.
Opponents which have more attacks will raise your intensity faster. Intensity will rapidly decrease when out of combat.

Your attack damage and defense are both increased in direct proportion to your intensity level. At max intensity, your damage output is increased by 25% and all incoming attacks are reduced by 25% damage.


  • Setting 'nervature int' will maintain your intensity between fights.
  • The intensity and vehemence trainable skills will improve the bonuses gained from an intense state.
  • You are generally able to kill much larger monsters while in an intense state than you might otherwise. After login, be careful to raise your intensity by fighting smaller mobs first before hunting bigger game.
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