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Guild Skills

Sabda Skills

Main skill: Sabda

Skill Required Name Passive Description
0 Sabda P Improves all combat
0 Dragonstrike An active attack that heals you
15 Power P Improves overall damage
30 Reflexes P Improves Defenses
50 Agility P Improves # of attacks
70 Toughness P Improves Armor Class/Defense
100 Prana-Bindu P The next level

Prana-Bindu Skills

Main skill: Prana-Bindu

Skill Required Name Passive Description
15 Intensity P Raises max intensity
30 Momentum P Damage increases with success
50 Tenacity P Improves your counter-counters
100 Condito-Corpus P The next Level

Condito-Corpus Skills

Main skill: Condito-Corpus

Skill Required Name Passive Description
25 Dash Sneak-like skill that attacks into next room
40 Alacrity P Improves overall speed
50 Katahzirui P 4th combat form
75 Vengeance P Gives bonuses vs. whomever killed you last
100 Condito-Mentis P The next level

Condito-Mentis Skills

Main skill: Condito-Mentis

Skill Required Name Passive Description
10 Meditation P Improves Relaxed form/Regen
25 Finesse P Reduces stress/fatigue costs
50 Tapas P Improves healing ability
75 Sense Senses aggression nearby
100 Condito-ClaritusP The next level

Condito-Claritus Skills

Main skill: Condito-Claritus

Skill Required Name Passive Description
25 Shock P Destroys enemy stat bonuses
50 Vehemence Raises max Intensity
75 Stifle Disallows the use of one command for 5-10 sec

Manipulation Skills

Main skill: Manipulation

Skill Required Name Passive Description
5 Extrapolation P int bonus, more stress
15 Enrage causes opponent to attack you
30 Enrage All causes all opponents to attack you
40 Seduction P Improves manipulation vs. males
50 Enslave weakens opponent to your manipulation
65 Entice causes opponents to fight each other
85 Aversion causes all people in room to flee
100 Intrigue P improves all manipulation abilities

Lore Skills

Main skill: Lore

Skill Required Name Passive Description
5 Health P Improves HP, Fatigue, Regen
10 Relaxation P Improves Stress, Regen
15 Wrap A minor, beginning heal
35 Focus Allows you to focus in one area
45 Relaxed P Relaxed Combat Form
50 Soak A secondary heal over time
60 Application P Improves Wraps/Soaks
70 Endurance P Further Improves HP, Fatigue, Regen
80 Imbibe Final healing ability
90 Preparation P Improves Imbibe/Soaks
100 Adaptation P Adjusts build more quickly

Flurry Skills

Main skill: Flurry

Skill Required Name Passive Description
2 Knife Hand Combo move #1
10 Sweep Combo move #2
20 Heel Lash Combo move #3
30 Achag Blow Combo move #4
40 Jab Combo move #5
50 Svansa Combo move #6
50 Dim Mak A move that stuns the opponent.
55 Critical StrikeP Perfect combos do critical damage.
60 Fameasser Combo move #7
75 Khonasana Combo move #8
90 Lotus Combo move #9
100 Blossom Combo move #10
100 Endure Reroutes Damage to Intensity

Resheph Skills

Main skill: Resheph

Skill Required Name Passive Description
15 Foresight P Improves damage/defense
30 Inertia P Improves Counter Damage
45 Spatial Awareness P Improves Defense
60 Multi-Opponent P Allows you to fight multiple enemies
80 Thwart Disrupts enemy attacks
100 Feign Sets opponent up for damage

Katahzirui Skills

Main skill: Katahzirui

Skill Required Name Passive Description
15 Rebound P Fights through enemy defense
50 Limb Reflexes P Improves defense and reaction
75 Finale Damages opponent as you die
100 Tap Equalizes Stress and Fatigue
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