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Soostones are a powerful help to any Honored Matre. They allow you to adjust your fighting ability on the fly, and then adjust it again later if you want.


The clothing the guild provides (starting with a brown tunic) has soostone slots. Whatever stones you have attached to your clothing are the stones that are actively affecting you. When you use the “soostone” command, you get this menu:

      Type:             Loose:          Attached:   Effect:
      Green :           0               0           +0 CON
      Cyan  :           0               0           +0 DMG
      Purple:           0               0           +0 REG
      Red   :           0               0           +0 STR
      Brown :           0               0           +0 ARM
      Black :           0               0           +0 ATT
      Slots:            ( 0 / 3 )
      Ore:              ( 0 )

As you can see, there are 6 types of soostones (pretty table below), each providing a different effect. This menu shows you how many soostones of each color you have on your person, how many of each color are attached, and how much they're affecting your combat. It also shows you how many slots total your garment has, how many are filled, and how much ore you have.

You get soostones by acquiring ore, and then refining it. You receive a free piece of ore every 3 levels after level 15, and may also purchase ore at the guild shop (They cost 100,000 solaris each). After you have some ore, go 1 north from the guild entrance and “enter”. That's the soostone refinery. To refine your ore into a soostone, you “refine <color>” where <color> is the color you want. Refining costs 10,000 solaris per stone.

Once you have your stone, you “attach <color>” to attach that <color> of stone you want to your robe.

Your available slots for stones will increase as you improve the Sabda-tree guild skills (Sabda, Prana-Bindu, etc). Regardless of how many slots you have, you may only attach a maximum of 10 stones of the same color.

Soostone Effect Table

Color Effect Description
Green CON Adds to your constitution, which gives you more health.
Cyan DMG Adds to the amount of damage you do per hit.
Purple REG Increases your regeneration rate.
Red STR Inscreases your strength (you hit harder, carry more stuff, etc.
Brown ARM Increases your armour rating.
Black ATT Increases your attack rate, which means you get more hits per turn in combat.

When attached to a weapon, soostones will give an additional effect per round. This effect is different depending on the type of soostone:

Green Passive +3 CON
Red Passive +3 STR
Cyan Passive +3 Weapon Class increase
Purple Periodically regenerates CP and HP
Brown Passive increases total Armor Class by 3
Black Adds a chance to do additional damage upon hit

Once you fuse a soostone to a weapon there is no way to get the soostone back. If someone gives you a weapon you can fuse a soostone to it and then give it back. You can fuse soostones to two different weapons and equip both, and you will get the benefits of both soostones.

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