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 +======Honored Matres======
 +//See also Honored Matres [[guilds:​matres:​ghelp|ghelp files]].//
 +===== Description =====
 +The Honored Matres ​ are an army of savage female warriors, formed by Fish   
 +Speakers and Bene Gesserits in  the  Scattering. ​ They embody the best of   
 +both, their  viciousness ​ matched ​ only  by  the most  ferocious ​ of Fish   
 +Speakers, ​ their control over  their bodies surpassed only  by  the  most   
 +skilled of Reverend Mothers. They are known for their nearly supernatural ​  
 +speed  and reflexes, ​ and  their  superior physical, ​ as well  as  mental ​  
 +conditioning. ​ They are masters of martial arts, some Matres specializing ​  
 +in charging their opponents headon, and some more skilled at using their   
 +enemies'​ power against them. Finally, in addition to their combat prowess ​  
 +the Honored Matres possess unique skills of  manipulation ​ and seduction, ​  
 +the likes of which even the Bene Gesserits can barely comprehend.  ​
 +===== Guild Background =====
 +Upon the death of the God Emperor Leto Atreides, the empire of
 +humanity fragmented in a cataclysmic event known to those who
 +have come since as the Scattering.
 +Out of the Scattering came an order of women rumored to be
 +descended from fragments of the Bene Gesserit and the Fish
 +Speakers. ​ These women, known as the Honored Matres, who
 +were far separated from the planet Arrakis, were not under
 +the addictive grip of the spice melange. ​ Instead, these
 +women had developed an adrenaline-based substitute, which
 +assisted in the development of heightened reflexes. ​ It
 +also caused their eyes to develop orange flecks if they
 +were angered.
 +On top of this stimulant, the Honored Matres were able to
 +develop decentralized nervous systems. ​ This allowed each of
 +their limbs to develop nerve ganglia and local reflexes. ​ An
 +Honored Matre could react to an attack without signals from
 +the brain, making their reflexes and combat speed unparalleled
 +by anything in history.
 +In addition to their combat abilities, the Honored Matres
 +developed their skills in sexual seduction and enslavement.
 +These women are known for their extreme violence and rule their
 +vast empire through brute force and intimidation. ​ Their order
 +is one of chaos, and murdering and assassinating for status or
 +position is commonplace.
 +===== Guild Basics =====
 +**There are no guild levels in this guild.** Instead, guild "​size"​ is based entirely on trainable guild skills. There are 56 such skills, grouped into several "skill trees."​
 +==== Sabda Tree ====
 +The most important skills form the core of the "​Sabda"​ tree; these skills will improve your character in nearly every way and are the benchmark for guild progress. ​ The core Sabda skills are, in order:
 +[[guilds:​matres:​ghelp:​skills:​sabda|Sabda]] ​  ​->​[[guilds:​matres:​ghelp:​skills:​prana-bindu|Prana-Bindu]] ​  ​->​[[guilds:​matres:​ghelp:​skills:​condito-corpus|Condito-Corpus]] ​  ​->​[[guilds:​matres:​ghelp:​skills:​condito-mentis|Condito-Mentis]] ​  ​->​[[guilds:​matres:​ghelp:​skills:​condito-claritus|Condito-Claritus]]
 +==== Lore Tree ====
 +The skills in the "​Lore"​ tree primarily deal with various healing and regenerative abilities.
 +Of particular note are the skills [[guilds:​matres:​ghelp:​skills:​wrap]],​ [[guilds:​matres:​ghelp:​Relaxed]],​ and [[guilds:​matres:​ghelp:​skills:​imbibe]].
 +==== Manipulation Tree ====
 +The skills in the manipulation tree allow you to dominate weaker minds and turn your opponents against each other.
 +Examples of such skills are [[.:​ghelp:​skills:​enrage]],​ [[.:​ghelp:​skills:​entice]],​ and [[.:​ghelp:​skills:​enslave]].
 +==== Form Trees ====
 +Honored Matres have specialized combat modes called "​[[.:​ghelp:​forms]]."​ Each form has its respective skill tree.
 +The basic forms are [[.:​ghelp:​Resheph]] and [[.:​ghelp:​Flurry]],​ while advanced Matres have access to the [[.:​ghelp:​Relaxed]] and Katahzirui forms.
 +===== =====
 +See also: [[.:​ghelp:​Skills]]
 +===== Getting Started =====
 +To join the guild, take a shuttle to Wallach, go north, enter, and join. Your character must be female to join. A doctor on Caladan will take care of any "​little problems"​ you may have if that is stopping you from joining.
 +The "​ghelp"​ command gives an index of help files. "ghelp guide" and "ghelp guide 2" are excellent starting points.
 +Whenever you kill anything, you will want to **analyze corpse**. This both gives you more guild experience and improves your fighting ability against that creature type for future combat.
 +I (Kosmos) highly recommend fighting in the [[guilds:​matres:​ghelp:​flurry]] form until you improve your weapon and guild skills. It is very difficult to kill things in [[guilds:​matres:​ghelp:​resheph]] form at level 1. Raising the flurry skills to 2 opens up the [[guilds:​matres:​ghelp:​skills:​knife_hand|knife hand]] ability, which will boost your damage output and ability to earn guild experience. I consider this well worth doing even if you ultimately decide not to use the flurry form.
 +=====Sections of Interest=====
 +  * [[guilds:​matres:​ghelp:​forms|Combat Forms]]
 +  * [[guilds:​matres:​ghelp:​skills|Skills List]]
 +  * [[.:​ghelp:​train|Skill Training]]
 +  * [[.:​ghelp:​gexp|Guild Experience]]
 +  * Guild Score Cards: [[.:​ghelp:​gs|guildscore]],​ [[.:​ghelp:​body]],​ and [[.:​ghelp:​gskills]].
 +  * [[.:​ghelp:​Nervature]]
 +  * [[.:​ghelp:​Intensity]]
 +  * [[guilds:​matres:​ghelp:​soostones|Soostones]]
 +  * [[.:​ghelp:​defense|Defense Details]]
 +If you have any questions, put them here to get them answered!
 +**Q1: What should I train first?**\\
 +A: You can't go wrong with training [[.:​ghelp:​skills:​sabda]]. Think of sabda as the rough equivalent of your guild level. This skill will help everything you do and unlock other skills as well. Training one or both forms is useful as well, but you won't get the full benefits unless you are also training sabda. [[.:​ghelp:​skills:​Power]] and [[.:​ghelp:​skills:​reflexes]],​ once you unlock them, are both cheap to train and very useful. Try to maintain some sort of balance between sabda, a [[.:​ghelp:​forms|form]],​ and the other core skills as you get them.\\
 +As you advance you will find that we get very little hp initially. You can improve this by training [[.:​ghelp:​skills:​Lore]] to 5 and then improving the [[.:​ghelp:​skills:​health]] skill. Health increases the hp per point of con we get, along with other effects. Like most of the skills unlocked by improving lore, it doesn'​t really help us kill better, so only raise it as high as you need it. [[.:​ghelp:​skills:​Focus]] is the exception to this rule; focus defense rocks.
 +**Q2: What should I do about stats/​MUD-skills?​**\\
 +Your most important [[help:​stats]] are Qui and Dex. You keep those at the maximum for your level.\\
 +It is good to start out using [[help:​defense|dodge]],​ but eventually training all three defensive skills will be advantageous. We do not get a fancy guild weapon, so it is easiest to simple use no weapons at all and train Hand to Hand. However, since Matres receive defense bonuses against weapons they have trained, it is highly recommended to eventually train up all weapon skills.
 +**Q3: Gexp is sloooooow. What can I do to earn more?**\\
 +A: Gaining levels, even without stats, will boost your gexp income. Getting stats as well will, of course, get more. You should also try fighting larger mobs, or multiple smaller mobs. Gexp will also improve as you advance [[.:​ghelp:​skills:​Sabda]]-tree skills and your [[.:​ghelp:​forms|form]].
 +**Q4: My fatigue/​stress are out of control! What can I do?**\\
 +A: Try to improve various [[.:​ghelp:​skills:​Lore]] skills such as [[.:​ghelp:​skills:​Health]] and [[.:​ghelp:​skills:​Relaxation]]. Eventually you will want to train Lore to 80 and begin using [[.:​ghelp:​skills:​Imbibe]] to manage stress and fatigue.
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