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 +__Fish Speaker Scouts__
 +Fish Speakers Scouts are a ranger-style class that does steady, strong damage and\\
 +has the ability to ambush, track and find enemies wherever they may be. Scouts are\\
 +particularly good at taking down heavy, tanky targets with their lethality hits and\\
 +passive armor penetration.\\
 +Scouts get the Lethality skill, which give attacks every round that will each do\\
 +one percent of enemy max health as unblockable damage every round. At higher skill\\
 +levels, these attacks will also have an armor penetration element. The number of\\
 +Lethality attacks you get per round are equal to 1 + Lethality / 50. Lethality\\
 +will also increase the damage of your Ambush ability.\\
 +Ability Overview:
 +Ambush -- \\
 +Ambush is your stealth opener. It will do a percentage of the enemy'​s max health as\\
 +damage plus a flat amount based on Lethality. There'​s not a whole lot to say about\\
 +this ability. Just a standard stealth opener.\\
 +Covert -- \\
 +Covert is a standard stealth ability. This ability is improved with the Sneak skill.\\
 +The stealth strength is based on your level versus enemy level. You CAN be hit while\\
 +hiding, which will remove you from stealth.\\
 +Conceal -- \\
 +This ability behaves like a remote inn. You can store your items within the room you'​re\\
 +in and come get them later.\\
 +Expose -- \\
 +This ability is only useable outside of combat. This will debuff the target, causing it\\
 +to take an additional 10 percent damage from all sources.\\
 +Spike -- \\
 +Shoots spikes into your opponent which will decay over time. There is no cap to how many\\
 +spikes you can stack on a target. The spike command does a more or less flat amount of\\
 +damage. You can then detonate the spikes for a large chunk of the enemy'​s health based\\
 +on the number of spikes are on the target. Used mainly as a finisher. These can also be\\
 +remotely detonated on a target trying to escape.\\
 +Detonate -- \\
 +Detonates your spikes, causing a large amount of damage based on the number of spikes\\
 +on the target. Can be used remotely to finish off an escaping target.\\
 +Bloodlust -- \\
 +This ability adds life steal to your normal attacks, causing a great amount of healing\\
 +for a short time. Temporary buff with a cooldown.\\
 +Construct -- \\
 +This is a PK ability. It allows you to construct a hidden trap that will trigger when\\
 +another PK player enters the room. There are a few different types of traps that you\\
 +gain at higher glvls.\\
 +Cheat Death -- \\
 +This allows you to avoid death once per 20 minutes when you take lethal damage. Heals\\
 +you back up to 50 percent health when it triggers. Passive ability.\\
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