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Tleilaxu Training Academy

Located 5n 1e from the Tleilax AP, the Academy is where a new member of the Tleilaxu order begins his training.


In this room:

 [ Bene Tleilaxu Academy entrance ]
Bene Tleilaxu Training Academy entrance hall.
You are at the entrance to the Academy. The building is non-descript gray
stone.  There are no decorations or markings which designate this as the Academy
besides the engraved letters.  Despite the lack of physical adornment, you feel
a sense of honor and prestige at being here.
Here you can 'join' the Tleilax guild.
    Two obvious exits: north and west.

make sure you meet the requirements (male, level 4 or less) and type 'join'.

HP:100% CP:100% $0 >>join
Go to the academy to learn.
If you have any questions, type <ghelp>

Congratulations, you are now an Acolyte Candidate!


The purpose of the academy is to make sure you are strong enough to become a full-fledged member of the Bene Tleilax. You should start killing weak opponents and advancing your stats, skills (especially Knives and Daggers), and levels. Ideally, you will be level 4 or 5 by the end of training.
Advancing stats and levels is done at the Academy HQ:

 [ Tleilax Training Academy Hall ]-
You are inside the Bene Tleilaxu Training Academy. The size of the place
suprises you, as it is much larger than it appears from the outside.
Take it as Tleilaxu lesson number one: Nothing is ever as it appears to be.
Besides the size, the only thing here that grabs your attention is a large
fresco on the far right wall.
Grooves in the entry walkway are a testament to the many who have tried to
earn a place in the ranks of the Bene Tleilaxu.
The worn pathway out is a testament to the many who have failed.
    Commands: cost, advance[level, str, qui, dex, int, wis, con],
    Four obvious exits: north, south, west and east. 
A Trainee board [52 messages, last dated: Jun 05 08:19, 2008]

The rooms to the north of the HQ have some mobs to kill, but you are frankly better off in the basin area (from Tleilax AP: 1e 'drink from basin'). While in the Academy you have no trainable guild skills or guild levels, so concentrate entirely on stats, skills, and levels.


Trainees do not have a full arsenal of skills yet, but they are not defenseless.

Before attacking a mob it is a good idea to 'check' them.

Syntax:- check <monster>
This is a very useful skill which is provided for the 
members of the trainee guild. Use it wisely and consider
the results you get carefully. It may save you from some
embarrassing deaths.
NOTE: Results vary from green to red, green being easy red
probably meaning youve found a new Arch-Nemesis.

HP:100% CP:100% $0 >>check shadow
Your badge glows green.

Your basic damage skill is 'wedgie':

Syntax:- wedgie
Cost:- 5 CP
Using your increasing skill in combat you may attempt to give
your opponent a devastating wedgie.

E.g. You give Dwarf a SUPER wedgie!

Once you have a few stats you will be able to use the skill 'focus':

Syntax:- focus
Cost:- 10 CP
By entering a trance and focussing all your mental power into
a flurry of attacks you may deliver some devastating damage to 
your opponent. This skill improves with your mental abilities.
Note: you can spam the command until it works without loss of cp.

Using these skills will drain your CP, which can be restored 1w from the HQ with the 'restore' command.

Syntax:- restore <amount>
Is a Bio-Engineer and he is able to replenish your CP for
a price. This experience has been known to cause considerbale pain

Additionally, you can purchase special daggers 1e from the HQ which will restore some CP during combat.

This veteran Bene Tleilaxu is here to assist you in your task,
his lengendary Androdaggers are especially designed to assist
the up and coming trainees. Rumours have it these daggers have
the ability to steal CP from an enemy. At 500 solaris each a
costly but worthwhile expense in your journey.

You pay Andros 500 solaris and get an AndroDagger.
This lean, mean Androdaggger© was designed for Tleilax trainees.
It looks like it's slightly humming in your hand.

If you lose HP during combat you may regenerate while out of combat it with 'chant':

Syntax:- chant
Using ancient ritual chants the trainees may summon up the inner
peace to heal themselves. This skill requires great mental powers
to master. Of course such mental powers can not be focussed 
correctly whilst in combat.


If you desire to quit the Academy process, you may do so at any time with the 'resign' command. Be aware that once you quit you may not re-enter.

If you feel that you are strong enough to become a full member of the Bene Tleilax, proceed to the Graduation Room 1n 1e from the Academy HQ.

 [ Graduation room ]-
Tleilax Training Academy Graduation Room
You're in the graduation room. This is where trainees come to prove
that they're ready to truly join the Tleilaxu cause, to become proud
members of an outstanding guild. This room looks like it has seen
a lot of action. Countless trainees have fought here. Very few have
passed the test, but some made it out alive. There are two doors here,
the one you came in through and another which looks securely shut.
On the left wall is a big red button with a fluorescent sign above it.
    One obvious exit: west.

Once you 'push button' you will be locked into the room with a difficult opponent which you must defeat. If you find yourself losing the battle, typing 'push button' again will cancel the fight.

You killed secretfoe.
secretfoe died.
This is your best kill yet! [secretfoe at 665 experience]
Your vision is slightly hazy, and you have a pounding headache as you get used to your new eyes.
You have been granted access to the guild combat files on : backstab, dart, darts, strike.
--[ Tleilax ]--  Parasocks is now among us.
Your metallic eyes focus sharply.
An elder Tleilaxu comes out and hands you your robe.
He says: Welcome to our guild, Brother Parasocks.
--[ Tleilax ]-- Parasocks has joined the Bene Tleilax guild.

Congratulations! You are now a full-fledged member of the Bene Tleilax!

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