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Bene Tleilaxu Guild

Welcome to the Tleilaxu Guild wiki pages! The information presented here is meant to help newbies get acquainted with the basics of the guild. This is a very secretive guild, so advanced information will need to be found out on your own.



To join the ranks of the Bene Tleilax, you must first go to the Training Academy located 5n 1e from the Tleilax AP. Only male characters of level 4 or less are eligible for training. If you are not male, there is a Doctor on Caladan which can perform some 'cosmetic' surgery for a fee…

For details on the Training Academy process, please see the Academy page.

Guild Basics

Tleilaxu skills and characteristics are based on three main “Knowledges”: Combat, Disguise, and Genetics. Using various skills in and out of combat will earn you “tech” points, which are in turn spent to raise Knowledges as well as your tlevel.


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