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 +Due to the wonders of politics, ​ and  open  communication, ​ allies ​ can communicate with each other through the use of the '​allies'​ channel. All of  your  guild'​s ​ allies ​ will  be  able  to see messages posted to this channel. ​                                                                   
 +If you wish  to  see  which  of  your  guild'​s ​ allies are online, type  "​allies"​. ​                                                                  
 +If you wish to send a message to  your  allies, ​ use  "​allies ​ <​blah>", ​ where blah is the message you wish to send.                                 
 +If  your  allies ​ bore  you,  or  you just don't want to listen to them anymore, you could  PK  a  member ​ of  each  guild  you  are allied with, removing the guilds from your channel quickly, or, more civilly, you  can type "​allies -off"​. ​                                                        
 +For  more  information, ​ read  '​help ​ [[politics]]',​ or talk to one of your guild'​s ranking guild members.
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