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 +====== Combat: General ======
 +                                                                              ​
 +Combat in Dune is the primary ​ focus  of the game. Players fight monsters ​  
 +to gain experience and raise stats, skills and levels to  earn  rank  and   
 +move  up  the  ladder ​ from  being  a  newbie ​ to becoming a high-ranking ​  
 +veteran. ​                                                                   ​
 +In combat, you,  the  player, ​ exchange ​ hits  with  a monster. Combat is   
 +divided into rounds of fighting. When you first attack, you get  a  round   
 +and then the monster gets a round and this repeats until fighting ceases, ​  
 +being whether you kill it, it kills you or you leave the fight. ​            
 +                                                                            ​
 +Monsters ​ are  not  the  only  things ​ that  you  are  able to kill.  For   
 +playerkilling information,​ type 'help PK'​. ​                                 ​
 +                                                                              ​
 +Different guilds offer different skills towards progression of the course ​  
 +of combat. Type 'help guilds'​ for a list of guilds that you can check out   
 +that will offer such skills. ​                                               ​
 +                                                                            ​
 +These are standard commands for combat: ​                                    
 +                                                                            ​
 +**briefme** ​               This command will shorten the descriptions of your hits, to create less spam, and get a better idea whether you hit or miss.   
 +                                                ​
 +**briefmon all**           This command is like briefme, only it shortens the descriptions of the all of the monsters'​ attacks in the room.       
 +**aim <​bodypart>​** ​        This aims at a particular part of the monster. See '​[[help:​bodypart|help bodypart]]'​ for a list of bodyparts. ​            
 +**kill <​name>​** ​           This is the command for attacking the monster. ​    
 +**powerup** ​               This will make you wear and  wield all weapons and armor you have.       
 +                              ​
 +**stop <​name>​** ​           This makes a particular monster stop hunting you.   
 +**wear <​armour>​** ​         This will make you wear a certain piece of armour. ​  
 +**remove <​armour>​** ​       This will remove a certain piece of armour. ​   ​
 +      ​
 +**wield <​weapon>​** ​        This will make you wield a certain weapon.  ​
 +**unwield <​weapon>​** ​      This will make you unwield a certain weapon. ​   ​
 +**wimpy <​percentage>​** ​    This makes you run away at a specific % of HP.       
 +                                                                            ​
 +See also: [[help:​aim]],​ [[help:​bodypart]],​ [[help:​powerup]],​ [[help:​remove]],​ [[help:​wear]],​ [[help:​wield]],​ [[help:​wimpy]],​ [[help:​playerkiller]],​ [[weapons]],​ [[advancement]]
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