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 +There are many kinds of containers in the MUD. Some containers you can\\ 
 +pick up, while others are rooted in place in rooms around the MUD. Most\\ 
 +containers will display their content (assuming you get them open) when you\\ 
 +look at them and provide easy access to the contents with: 
 +                get <​item>​ from <​container> ​                                   
 +                put <​item>​ in <​container> ​                                     
 +or similar commands. 
 +Another type of containers are backpacks. These are robust containers\\ 
 +providing ease of storage. They can be bought from Enkeli'​s shop on Tleilax\\ 
 +(2n 2w from AP) and provide the same basic interface along with the following\\ 
 +commands: ​                                                                    
 +                packstuff <all [item type]item> ​                              
 +                sellstuff <all [item type]item> ​                                                
 +While packs don't offer benefits in weight, they are invaluable in\\ 
 +arranging your inventory. There also may be a pack on Dune somewhere that\\ 
 +even helps you with weight...
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