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 +====== Combat: Defense ======
 +                                                                              ​
 +Syntax: defense [random/​roll/​dodge/​block] ​                                  
 +                                                                              ​
 +You can set your defense to random (default), roll, dodge or block. ​   ​
 +Block, dodge and roll have their own strengths and weaknesses (detailed ​    
 +below), and will be more or less effective depending on the enemy you are   
 +fighting. ​                                                                  
 +                                                                              ​
 +Block is based primarily on strength, though wisdom and constitution ​  
 +are also considered. ​ Block is more effective against piercing attacks, ​    
 +though it is less effective against blunt weapons. ​ Block will also reduce  ​
 +damage at a much greater rate than the other two forms. ​                    
 +                                                                              ​
 +Dodge is based primarily on dexterity, though wisdom and intelligence  ​
 +both factor prominently. ​ Dodge is more effective against blunt attacks, ​   ​
 +and less effective against slashing attacks. ​ Dodge will negate damage if   
 +it succeeds, though if you fail to dodge, you will take the full amount. ​   ​
 +                                                                              ​
 +Roll is based primarily on quickness, though wisdom and dexterity are  ​
 +also taken into consideration. ​ Roll is more effective against slashing ​    
 +attacks, and less effective against piercing attacks. ​ Roll will negate ​    
 +damage if successful, but will reduce damage if it fails. ​ The damage Roll  ​
 +prevents on a failure is much less than that of a success, but Roll also    ​
 +has a lower chance of avoiding the blow than dodge. ​                        
 +                                                                              ​
 +Random isn't an actual defense, so much as it randomly chooses one of  ​
 +the three forms of defense for you every attack. ​ Furthermore,​ you cannot ​  
 +improve your defenses when using random, because you're not focussed enough ​
 +to do new things. ​ You can still learn from watching your opponent, though. ​
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