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 +====== General: Experience ======  
 +Experience on Dune is used  to  improve ​ your  "​power." ​  ​You ​ accumulate ​   
 +experience ​ in  combat ​ through ​ fighting, ​ using  skills, ​ damaging your    
 +opponent, and ultimately killing your  opponent. ​ Experience can be spent    
 +on many things: ​                                                             
 +Skills ​                                                                      
 +Guild Powers ​                                                                
 +Levels ​                                                                      
 +Experience is simply a means to an end.  By  itself, ​ it  has  no  value. ​   
 +Spending ​ it,  however, gives you valuable rewards. ​ For example, you may    
 +wish to improve your stats (Str,  Con,  Dex, etc) as a player. ​ You then,    
 +in your guild, spend experience on these stats. ​ In your '​score'​ you will    
 +see "Total Experience"​ listed. ​ This is the amount you have to spend. ​ If    
 +the power you are buying costs less than your total experience, you  will    
 +succeed. ​  ​In ​ this  scenario, ​ you  may  wish to advance your stats even    
 +further and notice you  need  to  raise  your  level. ​ You can then spend    
 +experience on raising your level, and do it all again. ​                      
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