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 +====== General: Gholas ====== ​  
 +The  scientists ​ of  the  Bene  Tleilax have perfected the manufacture of    
 +gholas, and have offered their services to those who are willing to pay.     
 +You can order a ghola from  a  Ghola Regeneration Center, and the process ​   
 +of growing your ghola will begin once the Regeneration Center has  enough ​   
 +biomaterial and you have provided enough solaris. ​                          
 +It  will take some time to grow your ghola, and once it is ready, you are    
 +almost entirely safe from any  death  penalties. When you die, your ghola    
 +will awaken, and will possess the same  level  and  stats  that  you  had    
 +before your death. No gexp will be lost.                                     
 +As  you  can  only  use  a ghola once, you will need to order a new ghola    
 +after you die.  Furthermore,​ a new  ghola will need to be purchased after    
 +each level you gain.                                                         
 +The regeneration rooms located at (from the astroport): ​    ​\\ ​                
 +Caladan: 3n,e                                                 ​\\ ​              
 +Wallach: 2w,s                                                   ​\\ ​            
 +Giedi Prime: w,​s,​e,​s ​                                             \\           
 +Chapterhouse:​ e,n                                                   ​\\ ​        
 +Tleilax: d                                                            \\       
 +Salusa: 2s,​e,​n ​                                                         \\     
 +Ix: e,​2s,​w,​request transit,​enter module,push button 2, 2w,s               ​\\ ​  
 +Arrakis: 2n,​4e,​bazaar,​s ​   ​
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