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 +====== Law: Idling ====== ​  
 +Players ​ may  idle  for as long as they want, without being kicked off of    
 +the game.                                                                    
 +Players holding uniques will find  that  these unique items may disappear ​   
 +if they go idle for 30 minutes, or longer. ​                                  
 +Players caught using an antiidle trigger to avoid losing ​ their  uniques ​   
 +will be subject to serious penalties, determined by the administration of    
 +DuneMUD. ​                                                                    
 +The  Administration'​s ​ favourite ​ penalty ​ at  this time is character and    
 +alternate character deletion. ​                                               
 +See also: [[cheating]],​ [[rules]]
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