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When you pick up an item, it goes into your inventory. Depending on your strength, you can carry any number of items for use or sale. Basic item usage:

  • get - Picks up an item from the floor (or container)
  • drop - Drops an item on the floor
  • keep - Marks an item as 'kept', you won't drop it with 'drop all' or similar until you…
  • unkeep - …unkeep it. Kept items are marked with * or {K}
  • inventory or i - Shows your inventory
  • ii - Shows your inventory sorted by type

For commands get/drop/keep/unkeep you can use 'all' as an argument, for example:

    get all                              drop all
    get all suit                         drop all solaris
    get all token                        drop token 2
    get all solaris from corpse

For more information on equipment, see equipment

See also: get, drop, keep, unkeep, ii, containers

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