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 +=== USAGE ===
 +       look
 +       look at [my] <​something>​
 +       look at <​detail>​ on [my] <​something>​
 +       look at <​something>​ in room | me | [my] <​container object>
 +With no argument, the "​look"​ command will give the full\\
 +description of the room and shows items in there.\\
 +You may also look at items you are carrying, that are lying\\
 +around you, other people that are in the same room as you,\\
 +or at a detail on an item (search well ;)).
 +=== Examples ===
 +     look at bag
 +     look at my bag
 +     look at lock on chest
 +     look at torch in bag
 +     look at torch in my bag 2
 +     look at mreh
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