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 +====== Vow ======
 +Syntax: 'vow list' ​ 'vow martyrs' ​ 'vow choices' ​ 'vow revenge on <​x>' ​                                             ​
 +                                                                            ​
 +The vow command allows you to vow revenge on an enemy or their guild on behalf of someone they martyrd that you are allied with. When an ally or a guild mate are killed in PK, they are considered a martyr for a short duration after their death. As an ally or a guildmate you may vow revenge against either the specific killer (for a large range increase against them or against the killer'​s entire guild (for a small range increase against all active pkers in that guild. ​                                            
 +                                                                            ​
 +'vow list' will show the active vows of revenge. 'vow martyrs'​ will show the active martyrs, and who killed them. 'vow choices'​ will print all of the targets you could potentially vow revenge against.
 +[[.:​start|Return to Index]]
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