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The Spacing Guild is in an uproar. An agent on Chapterhouse has informed us that the Bene Gesserit have intercepted some sort of message from them, and have turned it over to their Keeper of the Truth. The agent has asked you to retrieve the message and complete the task that it contains.

It yields 7 points + 2mil solaris

Wallach AP: 4e, push bark, n, nw, 4n, e, kill keeper,

          exa desk, exa drawer, search drawer (I-DOC), play idoc

Tleilax AP: 4e, enter, buy 1 (IDstick) Tleilax AP: 2s, e, 3s, e, s, gate, 5e, 13s, 2w, insert idstick

          nw, 2n, 2ne, chamber, exa tank, exa terminal, push button 1 (wafer)

Arrakis AP: go to Onn city (35,25), enter, 6n, exa wall, exa notch

          push notch, kill guard, enter, exa stand, exa box, search box (crystal)

Chapterhouse AP: 2n, 3e, exa grass, move grass, swipe idoc, attach crystal,

               push button, (wait), insert wafer in slot (into Navigator's tank)
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