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 +The Spacing Guild is in an uproar. An agent on Chapterhouse has informed us that
 +the Bene Gesserit have intercepted some sort of message from them, and have turned
 +it over to their Keeper of the Truth. The agent has asked you to retrieve the message
 +and complete the task that it contains.
 +It yields 7 points + 2mil solaris
 +Wallach AP: 4e, push bark, n, nw, 4n, e, kill keeper, ​
 +            exa desk, exa drawer, search drawer (I-DOC), play idoc
 +Tleilax AP: 4e, enter, buy 1 (IDstick)
 +Tleilax AP: 2s, e, 3s, e, s, gate, 5e, 13s, 2w, insert idstick
 +            nw, 2n, 2ne, chamber, exa tank, exa terminal, push button 1 (wafer)
 +Arrakis AP: go to Onn city (35,25), enter, 6n, exa wall, exa notch
 +            push notch, kill guard, enter, exa stand, exa box, search box (crystal)
 +Chapterhouse AP: 2n, 3e, exa grass, move grass, swipe idoc, attach crystal,
 +                 push button, (wait), insert wafer in slot (into Navigator'​s tank)
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