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Rumor has it that the Atreides are storing Atomics somewhere on Caladan. Rumor also has it that a certain rogue group is trying to get them. Find the group somewhere on or near Hawk Island, and find out what they want.

It yields 5 points + 2mil solaris or 10m exp

You need a crowbar, which you can find at:

  Giedi prime AP: n, n, ne, w, enter, search for a worker
                  who have 'crowbar'
  Caladan AP: 4s, sw, 2s, 2se, 3e, buy ticket to hawk island
              w, 2n, climb wall, 2e, ne, search boat, 2n,
              drop boat, enter boat, row, say 'I'll help'
              boat, s, 2w, search, s, take statue, n, 2e
              n, enter boat, row, (wait 5 seconds)
              exa keycard (code), boat, s,3w, 2s, u, 2s
              e, 6n, kill both guards, 2n, d, w, s, w, search shelving,
              2d, enter (code), door, open crates, get atomics,
              door, s, u, out, e, n, 2e, u, max s, buy ticket to caladonia
  Caladan AP: 9w, 2s, w, sw, w, sw, w, search leaves, e, s, 2w,
              say 'I have the atomics'
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