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 +Rumor has it that the Atreides are storing Atomics ​
 +somewhere on Caladan. Rumor also has it that a certain
 +rogue group is trying to get them.
 +Find the group somewhere on or near Hawk Island, ​
 +and find out what they want.
 +It yields 5 points + 2mil solaris or 10m exp
 +You need a crowbar, which you can find at:
 +    Giedi prime AP: n, n, ne, w, enter, search for a worker
 +                    who have '​crowbar'​
 +    Caladan AP: 4s, sw, 2s, 2se, 3e, buy ticket to hawk island
 +                w, 2n, climb wall, 2e, ne, search boat, 2n,
 +                drop boat, enter boat, row, say '​I'​ll help'
 +                boat, s, 2w, search, s, take statue, n, 2e
 +                n, enter boat, row, (wait 5 seconds)
 +                exa keycard (code), boat, s,3w, 2s, u, 2s
 +                e, 6n, kill both guards, 2n, d, w, s, w, search shelving,
 +                2d, enter (code), door, open crates, get atomics,
 +                door, s, u, out, e, n, 2e, u, max s, buy ticket to caladonia
 +    Caladan AP: 9w, 2s, w, sw, w, sw, w, search leaves, e, s, 2w,
 +                say 'I have the atomics'​
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