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This requires level 40 or maybe even 50 to even start.

From GP AP, head 2 north, ne, 2 north and search. If you head all the way north and then down, you'll be attacked by a Harkonnen shock trooper. With decent enough roll, he shouldn't be so tough. Go back up and then south, and search again. You'll find an Atreides spy. If you're the right level. Otherwise, you won't even find this place. He's lost some blueprints. Get out of the hideout and west and head all the way west inside the bunker. Search here until you find the blueprints, then return to the spy and tell him you have them. He'll send you on another mission, this one more complicated.

This time, you'll need to enter the strange building, head west and then down and all north until you see a ramp. Head there, kill the guards so you can enter the ship. All west and you'll see a ladder up to the duct. Crawl east twice and search the wires until you find something. Go back down the ladder and install what you found, then flip it. Hmmm, you should probably steal motherboard from computer. Ah, Sauron's syntax. With that done, find the spy again and tell him you have the motherboard too.

Reward: quest points, 1 permanent point in wisdom, some experience and 40 or so trains in hand to hand.

If you want further experience, you can try and kill the spy, not an easy task necessarily, then return his head to the guild navigator on the upper floor of the strange building. Be sure you kill the spy yourself, as the navigator might feel more than a little angry otherwise.

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