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Quest: Spice Gin

–=–=–=–=–=–=–=–=–=–=–=–=Spice Gin–=–=–=–=–=–=–=–=–=–=–=–

      ID:        spice_gin
      Old name:  Spice Gin
      Points:    2
      Planet:    Giedi Prime
      Solved(2): Baldur,Badrobot
      Old hint:
  A spice gin has been stolen from the schoolmaster on Giedi Prime. It
  is rumored that a Harkonnen soldier has stolen it and hidden it
  away. Find out if a soldier stole it. If this is true, find out
  where he hid it, and return it to the schoolmaster.

–=–=–=–=–=–=–=–=–=–=–=–=Spice Gin–=–=–=–=–=–=–=–=–=–=–=–


You need to search several chests in the soldier's barracks outside the school. The key you find does NOT unlock the locker you find.

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