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location of gate in mine:

e,e,se,se,se,,s,e,e,ne,n,n,ne,insert ring into hole

location of scientist's corpse is random but is probably on the path to the queen.

location of queen after gate:

2e, ne, 2n, ne, 2se, s, 8se, 4e, ne, e, ne, n, ne, 6n, 2w, 2n, ne, e, ne, n, ne, n, 4nw, sw, s, 2se, s, 2sw, d, ne, nw, w, n

kill the queen then 'store slime in vial'

Scientist's corpse is a message after you enter a room (not an item or in room desc). Be careful, go slow, and keep your eyes peeled for it on your way from gate to queen.

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