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Travel to gp forest, make sure to buy a gps device.

go talk to kastor. follow the yellow brick road north :)

visit his trusted man and do some searching

take a little walk out to the noship at 37.20 59.30

  1. look at the wall
  2. then look at the wall in the direction indicated (northeastern wall)
  3. walk in the direction indicated
  4. look at the door (you need an access card to open it)

perhaps landerkein has something you need? where would he keep it i wonder?

  1. Landerkein is located at: from gp ap: n,n,ne,n,n,n, kill soldier, enter,n, n,u,u,s,s,w (Landerkein is aggro)
  2. SEARCH DRAWERS for the access card

back to the no-ship

  1. use the card on the door INSERT CODE CARD INTO SLOT

southish to the kitchen to the shaft, then ENTER SHAFT after killing the cook and the servants. go down the shaft and LISTEN DOOR

work your way back to the entrance then south and up to the library and look around the cloaked individual, kill them and get the cloak. (you will need to be able to wear the cloak to complete the quest)

head to the meeting place noted when you eavesdrop.


Landing Base : 38.38 58.55

Trusted Man : 38.60 58.05

NoShip in cave : 37.20 59.30

Meeting Place : 36.35 55.95 (35.70 56.00) (37.10 56.55) [location changes]


10,000,000 exp 500,000 solaris Upgraded Kastor's Signet Ring. (+1 STR, INT, WIS)

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