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Ok, I did this again and I seemed to remember it wrong.

On Chapterhouse, there's a training school for warriors, 2n w, n from the AP. Only warriors can gain entry, others need to kill the guard. Before entry, you can head west to listen to the Mother Superior explain the situation. After disposing of the guard, search his desk for a code. This gets you entry to a hidden area, all north from him. There's a trapdoor on the floor. Going down and then all south, you need to kill the warrior leader, this one a lot tougher. He drops a key that's usable on the second floor in a crack in the wall. This gets you into another area, with guards. You need to open one of the crates, with a crowbar from one of the guards. Not that big one guarding the orni. Inside the crate is a book, that you need to return to the leader's office. Once there, insert book into bookcase. This is really the kind of tricky portion, the rest should be pretty smooth sailing from there.

If you succeed, you get 4 qp, 100,000 solaris and a dagger (bugged mob, won't give it to you).

Note: I, Luther, had difficulty getting the acolyte inside the spice harvester to respond. Maybe you need to actually listen to Kashfa first?

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