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 +====Not Pissing Off the Administration====
 +Seems simple, right? ​ Follow the rules, don't be antagonistic. ​ It doesn'​t take much to keep on our good side.  There are, however, some pet peeves that we have that you should be aware of right now.
 +  - Sending a tell asking, "Are you there?"​ and supplying no supplementary information. ​ We usually read our backlogs, and if you give us information as to what you wanted, even if it gets fixed later, we can deal with it.
 +  - Sending a tell asking for help on a particular matter, then not telling us when another wizard has helped you.  Again, we read our backlogs. ​ If we see that you have had a problem, and we don't see that it has been resolved, we're likely going to worry about it until you tell us what it was and that it got fixed. ​ The smallest of courtesies can keep us happy.
 +  - Logging in as Guest just to chat.  The Guest account exists so that people can log in and poke around, not so that insults can be slung anonymously. ​ We can look up your IP.  Really.
 +  - Talking about something when you're asked to stop talking about it.  It may have been amusing. ​ It may belong in tells. ​ It doesn'​t belong on whichever pubilc channel you were just told to stop talking about it on.  And, it probably doesn'​t belong on other public channels either. ​ //For the record, the public channels are **chat**, **allies**, **your guild channel**, **newbie**//​.
 +  - Doing something you've already been suspended for.  Really. ​ Repeat offenders give us all a giggle on [wiz], but they make us less sympathetic to you when you actually need our help.
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