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 +====== Short Hand Directions ======
 +Around the MUD and the Wiki you are likely to see in-game directions expressed in a shorter format. Fear not, it's easy to figure out with a bit of instruction.
 +The general idea is to express directions to a given place on the MUD in two parts:
 +  - The nearest Astroport (AP)
 +  - A "​factored"​ list of the directions needed to get there
 +The first part is merely the main landmark. To learn more about astroports check out [[help:​space|the space help file]]. ​
 +The second part sounds more complicated than it is. It will be expressed as something like:
 +e,​29s,​enter,​4n,​w,​n ​
 +This is a condensed representation of:
 +east, south (twenty-nine times), enter, north (four times), west, north
 +As you can see repeated directions are replaced by the shorthand of that direction and the number of times it is to be entered.
 +The available shorthands are:
 +^ Direction ^ Shorthand ^
 +| east | e |
 +| west | w |
 +| north | n |
 +| south | s |
 +| northeast | ne |
 +| northwest | nw |
 +| southeast | se |
 +| southwest | sw |
 +Other commands you might see: //enter, out, up, down//.
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