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 +====== Ixian Flowmetal Spire Area ======
 +**Directions:​ ** 3s, 3e from Ix AP.
 +**Mob Strength**:
 +  * Around the same as a Level 6 Harkonnen tower soldier at Floor 0 (the lobby)
 +  * Stronger as you go up (most dangerous at top)
 +  * Weaker as you go down (weakest in bottom basement level)
 +  * Keep in mind, robots are stronger than the humans.
 +**General tips**:
 +  * Read the descriptions!
 +  * Think!
 +  * Be on the watch for rooms that have a map. 'look at map' when there is a map mentioned in the description will show you where you are. Rooms with ladders up, down or both will also be shown on the map.
 +  * Things change...
 +  * Every hour or so the rooms will morph, if you are in the spire at the time of this change you will be ported to floor 0 (the Lobby)
 +Know something? Figure out something new? Add it.
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