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 +====== DuneMUD Tips and Tricks ======
 +So I couldn'​t think of where to put stuff like this so I created a new section. \\
 +I see this as the place for things that are useful to know but don't really fall under '​help'​ and aren't guild-specific.
 +===== Topics =====
 +[[autoloads|Autoloading Items]]\\
 +[[directions|Shorthand Directions]]\\
 +[[storingItems|Storing Items between Logins]]\\
 +[[cash|Making Money]]\\
 +[[admins|Not pissing off admins]]\\
 +[[mudskills| MUD/General Skills]]\\
 +[[sockets| Sockets: All the kids are doing it.]]\\
 +[[gear|Standard Equipment]]\\
 +[[expareas|Popular Exp-grinding Areas]]
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