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 +====== Storing Items between Logins ======
 +Chances are that if you've found something good you'll want to keep it. If you've just been typing **quit** at the end of every session of killing you'll quickly feel like you're running around but getting no where. Every time you relog (i.e. type quit and then reconnect at some later time) a series of things will happen:
 +  - Everything you are carrying is dropped (except [[tips:​cash|solaris]]) into the room you were standing in when you quit
 +  - If you reconnect to Dune within ~5 minutes of quitting you will log back in to this room. Hopefully your stuff is still there!
 +  - If you reconnect to Dune after ~5 minutes (next hour, next day, etc) you will log into your starting room.
 +====== Starting Room ======
 +Your default starting room is determined by your guild. If you have joined a guild, you will default to logging in at the guild HQ. See the [[guilds:​guildlist|guild list]] for directions to each HQ. If you **haven'​t** joined a guild, you will default to logging in at Caladan AP. You should probably consider joining one.
 +====== Public Storage Options ======
 +===== Caladan Hotel =====
 +The cheapest option available to all players for storing items between logins is to use the Caladan Inn. It can be found south and west of Caladan AP. A room lasts for one week, after that if you haven'​t bought a new room your stuff will be lost.
 +**Note 1:** This will **not** save your items in the event the game is rebooted or crashes. This generally happens rarely (around once a month).
 +**Note 2:** Make sure after you rent a room you go **up** from where you rent it **before** you quit. Otherwise you've done the Dune MUD equivalent of unpacking in the Holiday Inn's lobby.
 +===== Ixian Lockers =====
 +A more expensive option available to all players for storing items between logins is to use the lockers on Ix. Ask a player for directions (or encourage them to be added here... --- //​[[players:​paradox|paradox]] 2010/04/06 00:40//).
 +You must purchase a locker and additionally pay a per-item fee for storing and retrieving.
 +**Note 1:** Unlike the hotel option, items stored in a locker will be safe between logins, reboots and crashes. There is no time limit for how long an item can be in the locker.
 +**Directions to the Ixian Lockers** - Starting point is Ix AP from there move e,​s,​s,​w,​request transit,​enter module, push button 2,wait for a bit,​e,​n,​n,​w,​s. --- //​[[players:​extra|extra]] 2010/04/08 14:33//)
 +====== Guild Specific Storage Options ======
 +Most guilds have the added perk of offering between login storage to it's members. Ask a guild member, or encourage them to add details here. All guilds also have a pooled armoury where any member can add or remove equipment for use.
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