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 +===== Wiki Guidelines & Rules =====
 +The Dune MUD wiki is a new idea and an experiment in giving the community itself more responsibility. The general idea is that we want the Dune website to reflect what the players themselves find important. In line with that, **you** will be responsible for adding content you think needs to be here.
 +Every player will be given an account they can use to edit this wiki. Please only use **one** account per IP family. I.e. one wiki account per family of alts. Your contributions to the Dune Wiki will influence your treatment on the Dune MUD and vice-versa. Vandalism, bickering, or breaking any of the standard MUD rules while using the Wiki will be dealt with via in-game punishments. ​
 +Please don't abuse the power you're being given here. Our goal is to take a very hands-off approach to the Wiki. We are interested in **any and all** content related to Dune MUD. If you have guild tips/​tricks,​ area maps, newbie guides, pk logs, MUD client triggers, player information,​ Dune universe information,​ etc then please **post it!**. ​
 +If you're new to Wikis (DokuWiki in specific) you might want to read about [[http://​​tips:​good_style|good style]] and the [[wiki:​syntax|syntax for formatting]].
 +We would like to avoid:
 +  - Swearing, try to keep this professional. It's documentation and not a game in itself.
 +  - Drama & Childish fighting. It's not constructive in the least.
 +  - Guild bias. Yes, some guilds are more powerful than others. Yes, you really like your Sard player. Try to keep it off the wiki.
 +  - Negative tone. Be constructive or don't bother.
 +  - Non-Dune information. I'm sure there is a Twilight wiki for you to swoon on elsewhere on the internet.
 +<​del>​Presently,​ sharing quest information is against the rules. This may change in the future, but for now please avoid posting quest information.</​del>​\\ ​
 +Please feel free to engage in the discussion on [[discussion:​quest information|quest information]]. ​ --- //​[[players:​mreh|Mreh]] 2010/04/04 19:30//
 +Please don't make me regret having this idea and putting the work into it to get it off the ground. You all know that I'm near the end of my patience and I really need this to be the spark that ignites the future of Dune.
 + --- //​[[players:​paradox|Paradox]] 2010/04/04 02:07//
 +Please, when adding something to an article, take a moment to write something useful in the 'Edit Summary'​ box.  It helps people like me figure out what you've written on pages where you don't sign your name. --- //​[[players:​mreh|Mreh]] 2010/04/08 04:21//
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