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If you have any suggestions or concerns related to the new wiki, please let us know here. Avoid issues/discussion related to the MUD itself. This page is specifically for the wiki.

Please remember to sign your edits so we know who suggested what if we require more information. You can sign an edit by clicking the rightmost button in the toolbar on the edit window.

Sample Suggestion

A per-page discussion thread - I think it would be beneficial to have a way to discuss each page's content without doing it in the content itself.

Added. Each page now has a “Discuss Article” button at the top. This redirects to a copy of the page in the “talk” namespace. Please do all discussions in this namespace rather than on the actual article. — paradox 2010/04/04 16:23

Twitter Feed

I'm not too current with the tweety-thing but could we get the most recent messages to show up on the homepage here?luther 2010/04/04 17:02

The twitter feed is now imported once an hour to the bottom of the wiki front page. — paradox 2010/04/07 19:17

Updates Page

Essentially, a wiki page that outlines what pages were changed, when, and by whom. So that we don't have to constantly keep checking the discussion pages for an update.Amenophis 2010/04/07 19:18

The 'Recent Changes' button on the top right hand side shows updates for pages, if you are at the root, it will show you wiki wide changes, if you are at a specific page, it will show up updates and revision history for that particular page. — orbital 2010/04/15 19:15

Just to clarify: if you click “recent changes” when viewing a page in a namespace (i.e this page is in the wiki namespace) then it will show just the changes in that namespace. One line per page changed. If you click it on the front page or in a non-namespace'd page it shows one line for every page changed on the whole wiki.

If you want more detail, go to a specific page (i.e. this one) and click the old revisions button. This will show more than just the 1 line per page and will show you the past x changes made to a page and who did them. You can even click a little button to have the old version compared to the new one to see what is different. — paradox 2010/04/15 19:56

Site Map Page

A site map. An alphabetical listing of all the wiki pages. Not everything deserves a link on the main page. Some people may not even know a particular page exists and create another under a different name. Being able to see a current list of all pages for quick access would be appreciated.Amenophis 2010/04/07 19:18

The 'Index' button on the bottom right gives a nice list of Wiki pages in a hierarchical layout. — orbital 2010/04/15 19:15

Spoiler Boxes/Tags

Unsure if this is possible in a wiki, but many forums have 'spoiler' tags which put the tagged text into a collapsible box. This could be useful for quest pages, etc. — Luther 2013/01/30 13:24

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