House Atreides

It is the Atreides way to be examples of honor for our children, so that they may be the same for their own progeny.

-Duke Leto Atreides

Origins of House Atreides

Legend has it that the Atreides are descendants of a noble family that originated from Ancient Greece on Earth, and that they rose to great prominence during the Butlerian Jihad. House Atreides have claimed that they are the direct descendants of the great King Agamemnon, son of Atreus.

How to Enlist

Once you have successfully passed the Newbie Academy and you find your way to Caladan AP(Astro Port) you will need to head to the Atreides Headquarters. Exact directions from Caladan AP are: 6n,enter (If you don't understand 6n,enter please read the page on shorthand directions).

Once you have made it to the Atreides Headquarters, you will be able to join the guild. To do so just type join.

Starting Your Training

Once enlisted into the Atreides army, there are a few things you will want to learn first.

Documentation, etc

Most information may be found in the guild helpfiles. These can be accessed via the 'ghelp' command while in game, which will bring up a subject index. Some of the files have also been transferred to the wiki for offline access.
If you cannot find the information you seek in the helpfiles the feel free to ask on either the Atreides channel 'atreid' or on general 'chat'.

Character Sheets

Once you have joined you may access your all guild file information via the 'gfile' command. You will see a scoresheet much like this:

=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=[Atreides Guild File]=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-
Current Time: Fri Feb 08 12:44:38 2013
Reboot: Not in a while.
Name: Parasocks Level: 1        Experience: 10,000
Money: 10,000                   Bank Money: 0
Guild Rank: Cadet
Guild Level: 1
Promotion Points:             1 / 499           (0.20%)
Honor Points: 0                 Pledged: no
Prestige level: 0 (0 used)
Medals and Ribbons:
Atreides Skills:  (* = specialization)
  Battlelore             1        Counterstrike          1      
  Overpower              1        Powerwords             1      
  Fury                   1        Prescience             1      
  Weirdingway            1      
Belt level: 1
  1. Name, Level, Experience, Money, Bank Money: Self-explanatory, not related specifically to the guild.
  2. Guild Rank: Your Rank in the Guild. Changes with Guild Level and Subguild membership.
  3. Guild Level: Your level in the guild, often abbreviated 'glvl'. Determines the strength and availability of guild skills.
  4. Promotion Points: The first number is your current total promotion points (often referred to as guild experience or 'gexp') while the second is the amount needed to attain your next Guild Level. Promotion points are obtained by using guild skills.
  5. Honor Points: Points granted by the Atreides leaders which give small bonuses.
  6. Pledged: You can only advance so far before you must Pledge your life to House Atreides. Leaving the Guild after Pledging is a bad idea.
  7. Prestige Level: Points gained from completing various benchmark achievements and from playerkilling. Can be used to raise gskills above the normal caps.
  8. Medals and Ribbons: Granted for various achievements. See 'ghelp medals' for more information.
  9. Atreides Skills: Your trainable guild skills ('gskills') which may be improved using exp and solaris.
  10. Belt Level: The level of your standard-issue shieldbelt. Higher levels are better.

Guild Gear

As a member of House Atreides you have access to several pieces of specialized gear.

First is the shieldbelt, which is an armour which occupies the 'energetic' slot. For complete use of the shieldbelt see the shieldbelt page or 'ghelp shieldbelt' while in game.

Second is your guild weapon. When you first join the House your weapon will be a Hawkblade which is of the 'Long Blade weapons' type. To obtain the hawkblade you must go to the Weapons Room (d,n from the main guildroom) and 'claim weapon'. You will want to always use your guild weapon although you can certainly wield others in your offhand. The type of weapon you receive in the future depends on which subguild you join.

Guild Skills

As a member of House Atreides you have access to a number of unique skills, hereafter referred to as 'gskills'.

Trainable Skills are (mostly) passive gskills which nevertheless give great benefits to your combat prowess. The effectiveness of most active gskills depends on one or more of these trainable gskills. The trainable gskills are:

  1. Prescience: General defense.
  2. Weirdingway: Defense and active gskills .
  3. Battlelore: Offense and Damage.
  4. Overpower: Improves overpower
  5. Powerwords: Improves your powerword.
  6. Counterstrike: Guild Defenses
  7. Fury: Improves fury.

More complete info may be had ingame via 'ghelp <skillname>'.
Trainers inside the Atreides Guild will improve these skills at a cost of exp and solaris. You can view the cost of improving these skills via the 'gskills' command.

Active Skills (commands) are the you use by typing in a command. These are usually combat-oriented but not always. Active skills usually are glvl-restricted, and you may check 'ghelp commands' to see when some become available. Here are several which deserve mentioning:

  1. Fury: Greatly improves your combat capabilities and stats. You will want to raise this first and use it as often as possible.
  2. Request: House Atreides logistics teams can provide many useful services.
  3. Powerwords: Using words of Power in combat can devastate an oppontent.

Continuing Your Training


Once an Atreides soldier has progressed beyond the training phase (glvl 10) he or she has the opportunity to join a more specialized section of House Atreides known as a 'subguild'. Each subguild has a room in the main guildhall and also grants access to unique gskills and a new guild weapon. You may change subguilds, although it will cost you.

The current subguilds are:

  • The Ginaz School: Members of this sub-guild are studying to become great Swordmasters for House Atreides!
  • The Intel Corps: Headed by the great Master of Assassins, soldiers in his force are in charge of security and investigations.
  • Duncan Idaho's Desert Troops: Closely working with our Fremen allies, these forces are great ambassadors and formidable fighters.

As of this writing, virtually every Atreides character is in either the Desert or Ginaz subguilds. To grossly generalize the reaon: they get better gskills. This does not mean that Intel is vastly inferior, however, and you may certainly become powerful as a member of them.

Player Killing

TODO: Battlehawks!