Ixian Machine Guild

Guild Overview/Highlights

  • Ability to remotely: advance levels/stats, access bank, access guild armoury, access personal locker.
  • Quick progress in glevels. After each 400 glevels you gain an Advanced Machine (AM) level, yielding a great increase in abilities.
  • Robot Stuff! Upgrade implants, collect power, convert raw materials, explore the virtual reality of the ICTS.


To join the IMG you must first acquire 100k solaris. Almost any experienced player will happily lend you this amount. After you have the required cash, you need an Ixian ID Badge. These can be found in the Sewers in the Ventura district on Ix.

You can find an IMG Badge @ (from Ix AP) e, 2n, w, search bushes. (You will want to have trained the Search Skill some to make this easier.)

Directions to Ventura from Ix AP: e,s,s,w,request transit,enter module,push button 2

After you have the cash and the Badge, go to the IMG guild, type “join” and follow the prompts.

Directions to IMG Guild from Ventura station: e,n,n,n,e,e,e,s,u

First Commands

Here are several commands you will likely find useful.

com - the IMG guild channel. Use this to chat/bother other IMG members.
vitals - shows a complete guild scorecard. See section below for breakdown of information.
ghelp - an index of all available guild helpfiles. More topics will appear as you grow.
weapon laser pistol - loads your most basic weapon into its adapter. You may have better weapons available right away.

Guild Scorecard

View complete scorecard with vitals.

=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- Parasocks's Machine Status -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-
Level:  1                       Experience: 9840 (4410)
Guild Level: 0:7                Guild Experience: 30000 + 9012 = 39012
HP: 54/52 (103%)                CP: 51/50 (102%)
Absorb mode: Both               Convert mode: Mat
Nano-bots: 35/70                Material: [--------------------] (0%)
Power: 10000                    Aux Battery: Solar Panels Inactive
Fuses: 0                        Implants:  Free:  8  Used:  0  Total:  8
Weapons adaptor has a laser pistol loaded onto it.
Laser guidance system is offline.
Exoskeletal warning threshold sensors are currently deactivated.
Self-Preservation Setting:  At 0% of structural integrity, flee random.
=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- End of Line -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=


  1. Level: your mud/character level.
  2. Experience: your mud experience.
  3. Guild Level: Format is (AM Level):(Guild Level). The example character is AM level 0 and Guild level 7.
  4. Guild Experience: Guild experience is earned in combat and determines your Guild Level. Gexp is cumulative from the beginning of each AM level. Format is (Current total Gexp)+(gexp to next glevel difference)=(gexp needed next glvl).
  5. HP/CP: standard mud HP and CP.
  6. Absorb Mode: See Absorb.
  7. Convert Mode: See Convert.
  8. Nano-Bots: See Nano-Bots.
  9. Material: See Material.
  10. Power: See Power.
  11. Aux. Battery/Solar Panels: Power level in your battery implant. Not available until later glvls.
  12. Fuses: Fuses prevent damage to implants from overloading. May be purchased in guild.
  13. Implants: Implants slots utilized.
  14. Weapons Adapter: Current weapon being used.
  15. Laser Guidance: Only available beginning at AM2.
  16. Exoskeletal Threshold: HP level at which a warning message will appear. Useful mainly as a trigger pattern.
  17. Self-Preservation: Your current wimpy level.

Basic Combat

Every combat round you should fire your weapon and launch a missile (with the missile command). Additional combat actions will become available as you increase in glvl.

At first, IMG have no active healing while in combat. If you are hurting it will be necessary to flee and activate your repair implant.