– Written by Leondal / Nightshade –

The Fish Speaker Warrior is a heavy fighter with solid defense and offense. This is a good subguild
to pick if you like the concept of causing bleeds and having individually hard-hitting guild attacks.

As a Warrior, you have access to the Carnage skill, which will increase your bleed damage and bleed
duration. This allows you to stack up a lot of bleeds. The number of bleeds you can have on the target
is equal to 10 + GUILD_LEVEL / 10. Bleeds are incredibly important for the warrior because they give
you two health for every bleed every combat round, and also give you gexp per bleed.

As far as weapons, I would highly suggest you begin by using Sword Stance with long swords. Once you
are able to wield Desire, you should switch to Polearm Stance from that point forward.

Stat priorities should be : STR, CON, WIS, DEX, in that order. Your abilities scale pretty well with STR
and it also gives you more attack_bonus. CON is essential for larger health pools. WIS will let you utilize
higher weapon skills and also increases heal_bonus. DEX increases defense_bonus.

You will start to feel your GEXP gain and healing lag behind right before glvl 500. This is largely due
to your gskills being capped at 100 until that point. After GLVL 500, you will see a real growth in
overall power. Because you can start to raise your Carnage skill again, you will see your GEXP rate grow
once more.

In this section, I will talk about individual abilities of the warrior.


      The main thing to know about this ability is that it scales pretty
      well with Strength and Weapon Class. The bleed bonus is actually
      pretty minor compared to the main damage. Also, this ability will
      heal you for a small amount if the target is bleeding.


      Later on, when you can stack up bleeds pretty well, this will heal
      and damage for quite a lot. It's better to hold this back as a heal
      if you're in trouble, because it kind of competes with Thrash for
      your bleeds.


      The big thing of note with this ability is that it hits all enemies in the
      room, even if you're not currently fighting them. In a lot of ways, this is
      similar to Fremen sandstorm. Reap will cause a bleed on all targets it hits
      and heal you for a small amount for each enemy hit.


      This is the big game changer for the Warrior. First of all, it does very
      good damage and scales well with Strength and Weapon Class. The bleed rupture
      does a percentage of the enemy's health in damage for each bleed ruptured.
      On top of that, Thrash gives 100 gexp per use, whereas other abilities only
      give 10.


      Rend will double the bleeds on your target. You get this at glvl 500, the same
      time your gskills cap comes off. With a higher Carnage skill, the bleeds from
      Rend will last longer and do more damage. More bleeds also equates to more gexp
      gain and healing.


      Glory is a passive, activated buff that will nullify the first two incoming attacks
      per round and give a small life steal effect to your normal attacks. It will also
      cause life steal and bleed over healing to build up a shield on you.


When it comes to weapons, you really want weapons with the highest weapon class possible. Most of the abilities in this subguild scale with both STR and weapon class. Undoubtedly, Desire is the best weapon available for most of the game. It has a 77ish weapon class and generates a lot of procs (random occurrences programmed into the weapon). It IS a unique so you may or may not have access to this weapon at all times.

Once you have Desire, you want to ask an Honored Matres friend to fuse a red soostone to it. The red soostone gives a +3 strength bonus to the weapon and adds another proc. Just be ready to pay the Honored Matre because each soostone costs about 100,000 solaris to make.

Some have asked me if Knife Stance is any good. There are a lot of very good daggers in the game and it would seem like a decent option. The problem is with the stat bonuses. WIS, DEX, and QUI do improve you a bit, but they are not primary stats. Also, keep in mind that Polearm Stance gets an additional defense and counter attack.


After playing for a while, it's my strong opinion that Assess is the strongest corpse ability for Warriors, followed by Sendoff. Warriors scale really well with stat bonuses and don't rely on recharging energy between monsters. Assess does have a cooldown, however, so you will inevitably have to use a secondary corpse ability. Sendoff is decent because it heals you.