Law: Cheating

Cheating on Dune is highly frowned upon,  and is the fastest way to reach   
the esteemed level of BANISHMENT. Levels of punishment  come  in  various   
forms.  If something gives you great amounts of exp, gexp, or money in no   
time at all, it is probably an abuse and therefore a cheat! Don't do it!    
Cheating on Dune takes on many forms, but is not limited to:                
1) Abusing bugs for money and experience.                                   
2) Using in and out combat tactics.                                         
3) Abusing any bugs/workarounds/loopholes to retain "unique" status items. 
4) Running scripts or using triggers that cause you to automatically attack 
monsters.  This is a particular pet peeve of the administration's, and is   
likely to net you a very harsh penalty even on the first offense.  Unless   
you enter the attack command yourself, it constitutes botting.              
5) Idling in a room where an aggressive NPC spawns.  Because this forces    
you into a combat while you are more than likely not at the keyboard, it    
is against the rules as well.                                               
Being caught cheating may result in one or more of the following actions,   
or something worse, depending on the nature of the infraction:              
1) Warning.  DON'T DO IT AGAIN.                                             
2) Loss of stats/exp/levels/quests, depending upon  the  situation.         
3) Loss of character, and deletion of backups.                             
4) And the fun one, SITE  BANISHMENT.   Not  only will you not be able to   
return, you have made everyone from your site unable to login to Dune.      
In order to avoid this fate, REPORT ALL BUGS IMMEDIATELY. Failure  to  do   
so  will  result  in  the label 'cheater' being applied to your persona.    
Those who code are human, so  please report the accidental mistakes.  You   
won't regret it.                                                            
If you spot someone cheating, please report it.  The wizard staff here will 
take care of the situation.  Once caught cheating, do not attempt to plea   
your case.  It is your fault, and you must serve the punishment.            
Ignorance is not an excuse.                                                 
As this is not a  complete  list  of what constitutes 'cheating', you are   
reminded that some situations that are not listed  in  these  rules  will   
arise.   As  it  is the discretion of the wizards as to what cheating is,   
you are expected to report anything that resembles cheating.                
Last edited:  28 January 2010                                               

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