Law: Harassment

   Harassment includes, but is not limited to, the following activities:    
 Insulting a player over a public channel.                                 
 Stealing a player's killed corpses.                                       
 Spamming a player.                                                        
 Repeatedly pinging a player.                                              
 Negatively affecting a player outside of a playerkilling context.         
   Your first infraction warrants a warning and possibly a gag.             
   Your second infraction warrants a week's suspension.                     
   Your third infraction results in a loss of levels inclusive or stats.    
   Further infractions result in creative punishments.                      
   Goading someone into harassing you will result in a punishment to you as 
well, at a harsher level of penalty.  You gain nothing by trying to get     
someone else to get themselves in trouble.                                  

See also: punishment, rules