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-wallach w24,s4+--=--=--=--=--=--=--=--=--=--=-- **Quest 44** The WOC Secret --=--=--=--=--=--=--=--=--=--=-- 
 +    ID:             WOC_treasure 
 +    Points:         2 
 +    Planet:         Wallach 
 +    Description: 
 +    Secrets lay in the Wildlife Observation Center on Wallach Ix. Word of a 
 +    treasure has been spread around. Find the big boss of the Center and seek 
 +    what he wants. 
 +++++ View Complete Solution (SPOILER ALERT) |  
 +===== Solution ===== 
 +The WOC is in wallach forest. If you are using Arrakis Desert compass 
 +coordinates should be: X7,Y30 If you're not using it,  
 +explore south-western part of forest
-- "fill cup with coffee"+  * Go to the barracks(24W,4S from ap), kill guard, open flask, get cup, fill cup with coffee, out
-the cost of Sirian on Caladan is 300+  * enter the training center and go up up up up.. nothing is aggro so don't worry. 
-- there are 28 rooms in the GP infirmary+  * Some of the exits are tricky, you should make it to a "strange area" or a "strange room" (top level, above the laboratory, which is above the kitchen). 
 +  * Run north all the way and go through the 'door' exit,  
 +  * give the man the coffee. He will ask you a stupid riddle and it should be an easy one. Solve it how he instructs you to and he will give you a keycard.  when you've figured it out, "say" the answer 
 +  * outside his room, go max east and then go north.  
 +  * Search. You should find a chest. Open the chest with the keycard.  unlock chest with keycard 
 +  * You hear a tiny click as you shove the keycard into the slot.  Open chest and the quest should complete!