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 +Starts in Rabban's Refinery on Arrakis co-ords: 46,51. There are four entrances, northeast, southeast, northwest and southwest. The co-ords mentioned should put you near the northeast entrance. Before entry, you'll need a keycard, the guards around the refinery have them. Not much of a challenge at 20-30. Swipe keycard to gain entry. After entering go 4 west, s, s, w, s or thereabouts. You should see a message board. From there, head up twice, all west and you should see a door. Heading back east, all the way, going south and looking around you should see an entrance leading up. There are entrances to the north, northwest and southwest too. This should get you to the roof, where a monitor is looking for some missing workers. Listen to his story, then head back down to the floor with the door and enter.
 +At some times, there's a Harkonnen functionary there, a little tougher than the guards, but at other times, you'll see the manager himself, Glossu Rabban, and he's considerably tougher. I'd recommend level 40-50 and a guildfile atleast a few days old to not get turned into instantjelly. Besides, his boots are minlevel 40 and his fur coat minlevel 45. Both good pieces. Once the functionary or Rabban has been taken care of, search the desk and you should get a key. With the key, head back down to the message board, look at the floor and you'll see a grate with a padlock. Unlock it and head down, but remember to bring a light source. Down here there there are numerous rats, some will attack you on sight. If you could handle Rabban or the functionary, they shouldn't be a problem, though sometimes, you'll encounter up to three, which might be a problem. You're looking for the spots under the silos, 5-6 or so. Under them just 'search', and once you find a helmet, return it to the monitor on the roof. If you've been beneath all silos without finding anything, wait for the area to reload. The key might not load every time either.
 +Reward is quest points and 300,000 solaris.